Ailsa Craig Tomato

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$4.00/25 seeds

We are proud to offer this heirloom variety from 1925, named after the Scottish Island. A very productive perfect round tomato, produced in high yields in late January about 4cm round. Beautiful flavour, a tomato that has stood the test of time.

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2 reviews for Ailsa Craig Tomato

  1. Elaine

    Seeds had a high propagation rate. Plants were prolific producers of small, exquisitely sweet tomatoes.
    Definately a “must try”

  2. Alan Maclean

    Hi I purchased Ailsa craig seeds and all have germinated. We live in Edmonton Cairns in the
    Rainforest. We can grow most things because of the heat and humidity but insect infestation can be problematic. Along with bats etc. We have been successful with some varieties . But am really pleased with Ailsa craig so far. Im a Scottish immigrant who used to grow this Variety. The flavour cannot be matched by any others grown here. I am very hopefully to complete a crop . Although do not expect to get tennis ball sizes here on multiple trusses. Due to the heat. Humidity . We used to throw the seeds into a grow bag at home early April in a little greenhouse heated by a paraffin heater. 8 grow bags 3 plants to a grow bag. And each plant
    Would produce 4/5 trusses 5/6 or more to each truss after sideshoots removed. More than enough to feed family from June till October.
    Then it was chutney for the winter enough for the street. Hopeful they will do the same here.
    We have the sun we got the plants . Fingers crossed . Germination has been very promising
    In large terracotta pots fingers crossed

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