Jaune et Verte Squash

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Organically grown heirloom – Jaune et Verte has a special place in scallop squash heirloom history. Jaune et Verte refers to the coloring of the squash, with its yellow to ivory rind vicariously striped with green accents. Also known as Pattison Panache, this scallop produces prolifically and quickly, having early edibility or tasty maturity. Just don’t leave them on the vine too long, as they can get a bit woody on the outside and fibrous on the inside. The earliest depictions of patty pans were in a botanical book in 1591. Native Americans counted the squash an important part of their diet, and Europeans have cultivated the plant for a couple of centuries. Sow in early November after frosts. Rake in a layer of manure. Make a round hill 45cm diameter. Press down the center of the hill with fist, place 3 seeds in. Cover with loose soil. Keep moist. At seedling stage thin to 2 seedlings and water. A black plastic mulch is recommended for colder soils. Produces several crops in a season.

(Cucurbita pepo)

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