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Dunganski Info

Purple Stripe hardneck variety: Originating from Czechoslovakia. Duganski Garlic is a long storing Purple Stripe Hardneck variety. Typical of all Purple Stripe Varieties, Duganski has terrific flavor that holds up even after it is cooked furthermore it has beautiful purple stripes and tight bulb skin. If you are looking for a long storage quality in a hardneck variety, Duganski is an excellent choice.

Duganski Garlic Characteristics:

10 – 12 cloves per bulb. 20-30 cloves per Kilo. Late harvest. Stores 5 – 6 months. Small bulbs store the longest.



>>Garlic are cool season, frost tolerant plants. Garlic require a cool soil and sown at 5mm deep, Germination takes approx 10 – 21 days to germinate depending on conditions, however unlike a seed timing to emerge is not exact.  They come up when the conditions suit. Placing garlic in the fridge before planting may help them think the weather is cooling and it’s time to sprout which may help in getting them come up quicker.

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Mid season harvest. Purple stripe, hardneck, long storing

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