Elephant Garlic

$16.95/4 Cloves

Elephant Garlic – 4 Fresh Cloves

A Russian garlic (technically a leek) with giant Bulbs 200 grams+.  Can be grown Australia wide and is rust proof and has a very mild garlicy taste





PLANTING TIME:  march – may

HARVEST: late season when 5 green leaves remain

STORAGE: 12 months+

MATURITY: 190 – 220 days

USES: sautéed & raw  – like an onion with garlic flavour

CLOVE DESCRIPTION: Very large cloves with blunt tip, 4-6 cloves per bulb, white flesh, in a single layer around the stem


>>Garlic are cool season, frost tolerant plants. Garlic require a cool soil and sown at 5mm deep, Germination takes approx 10 – 21 days to germinate depending on conditions, however unlike a seed timing to emerge is not exact.  They come up when the conditions suit. Placing garlic in the fridge before planting may help them think the weather is cooling and it’s time to sprout which may help in getting them come up quicker.

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