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‘Sioux’ Grain Amaranth


Rare edible pink flowers.

This is an exciting selection of the tall large leafed flowering amaranthus, by Bob Reid, it can be used as a decorative annual ornamental in the flower garden getting to about 2m tall with huge colourful heads, or as a Summer green manure, or for the keen home gardener as a grain crop, the seeds are sown about 5mm deep, no more, in 20cm rows in good well drained soil in late Spring early Summer. Seed heads form mid to late Summer. Harvest seed by rubbing hands gently over the bottom most seed heads first into a paper bag, as the heads mature break them off and hang upside down in a dry shed over a clean tarpaulin.

The seeds are sprinkled over breakfast cereals, in soups or stews. It is a grain amaranth, the leaves on this variety are bitter.

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Additional information

When to sow

Spring, Summer

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