Indian Barnyard Millet


Rare edible millet.

This is an exciting little known plant that we have grown for the home gardener. It flowers and sets seeds early, so is very suitable for grain production for the keen home gardener. Sow seeds in fine good well drained soil in rows 20cm apart 5mm deep, no more, in late Spring early Summer soil temps about 17 degrees.

Gluten free grain, very high in nutrients, sprinkle seed on cereals, in soup, stews or sauces. It is very desirable for gluten free flour in larger quantities. It has upright plump black seed heads containing many seeds.

The other main use which we recommend is as a Summer green manure this variety grows quickly from seed when sown in late Spring early Summer, soil temps about 17 degrees. This will tolerate hot dry conditions and some drought, swamps out weeds and keep soil moist under the leaf canopy, cut down before flowering.

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Additional information

When to sow

Spring, Summer

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