Gold Coin Sunflower

$6.50/10 Seeds

SUNFLOWER – Gold Coin (10 Seeds)

Helianthus annuus

Description: A petit/dwarf scruffy teddy bear type sunflower.  60cm tall, a rare variety. Stems can be used as cut flowers. Main flower is the about 15cm in diameter and 2cm thick.

  • Height: 60cm
  • Flower heads: Multiple heads, one large then gradually smaller
  • Germination: 3-7 days, temp above 18oC
  • Sowing: 1cm deep. Start in pots or direct in ground (if snails and birds are not an issue)
  • Spacing: 30 – 50cm apart
  • Soil fertility: Rich compost filled, well-draining soil. Sunflowers have a high potassium requirement and ensure your soil is not boron deficient.

Growing Tips: Water deeply occasionally rather than regular short sprinkles.  Concentrate water towards the base of the plant rather than the leaves to avoid disease issues. Add plenty of blood n bone and compost when planting.

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Additional information

When to sow

Spring, Summer

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