Inspirations Vegetable Seeds for Cool Climate Growers Australia

Tassie Seeds

Tassie Seeds offers the home gardener a select range of Open Pollinated, heirloom and hybrid seeds of early productive gourmet varieties, which we grow and source extensively. Our main passion is growing our own seeds, and we currently grow 70% of our range at our Bridgenorth Farm.

Seeds are selected from our trials garden and are perfect for the cool maritime climate of Tasmania and other similar regions.  We send seeds all over Australia (except WA) and have had lots of exceptional feedback from happy gardeners from every region.

Until recently, Abbey Howard was a busy Head Chef in the restaurant industry until the Covid-19 Pandemic helped turn her passion into her dream business and now her and husband Tim are the proud manager/owners of a successful seed farm located in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley. Their commitment is to grow organically, using no-till methods with a focus on healthy soil to produce healthy, resilient and genetically diverse seeds.

These seeds will perform well and give the home & market gardeners success every time.

Tassie Seeds is still a family-run, wholly Tasmanian-owned and operated business in northern Tasmania. To add to our existing collection.  We have also acquired Inspirations Seeds from David & Jeanette Kennon with a broad range of Tomato, Rare Beans and extensive hybrids trial research.  We are still in the process of reviving their full collection which may take a few seasons.

We look forward to offering quality service and advice about our extensive seed range and any other products.

Inspirations Vegetable Seeds for Cool Climate Growers Australia

Vegetable seeds you should be sowing now

Aquadulce Broad Bean


Only 48 left in stock

Beautiful Brown Onion F1

$4.00/200 seeds

Only 5 left in stock

Coles Dwarf Broad Bean

$4.50/10 Seeds

Only 49 left in stock

Crimson Flowered Broad Beans

$5.50/10 seeds

In stock

Green Manure Blue Lupins


Only 19 left in stock

Green Manure Pink Serratas


Only 32 left in stock

Optica Broad Bean

$5.50/10 seeds

In stock

Red Onion f1 hybrid

$4.00/180 seeds

Only 6 left in stock

Scarlet Cambridge

$5.50/10 seeds

In stock

Our history

Quality is paramount

We have been specialising in vegetable seeds since 2006 when we set about sourcing seeds from the best seed merchants worldwide to trial under Tasmanian conditions.

Detailed notes of germination times and rates, watering and feeding needs, and quantity and quality of the produce are part of our cultivation process.

If satisfied that the seed is suitable for the Tasmanian home gardener, we add it to our list of varieties which we sell under Tassie Seeds.

Inspirations Vegetable Seeds for Cool Climate Growers Australia
Inspirations Vegetable Seeds for Cool Climate Growers Australia

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